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"Victory of the Immaculate"

Thursday 8 March 2012

"Victory of the Immaculate" is a quarterly. It is designed for all those who want to know the woman and Winning closer to the Holy Church, who is the mother of all the baptized. Our quarterly magazine wants to bring the truth that a great miracle in human history was Mary, and her action after the resurrection of Jesus is rich in countless miracles. Quarterly title tells us that the victory of Our Lady is made, if please her with confidence and we give her. Price of one copy of the 2012 is 3 zł.

Shipping cost of single copies, which editors are forced to adapt to the real costs incurred in post offices. So shipping 1 copy "ZN" is 1.70 zł. By contrast, from 2 to 5 copies - 1 zł. More than 5 copies editors cover the cost of shipping. So if someone wants to order a copy of the "Victory of the Immaculate" for the full year 2012, the debt is calculated as follows: 3.00 zł x 4 numbers = 12.00 zł 6.80 zł + for shipping (by 1.70 for each issue ), which gives 18.80 zł. For example, subscription 2 copies of "Victory of the Immaculate" for the full year 2012 is 28.00 zł. (+ 24 zł 4 zł for shipping).

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