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Thursday 8 March 2012

If you are interested in our Foundation and want to know, as we strive to achieve our goals, we invite you to carefully read. Know the rules and activities of the Foundation. Statutes of the Foundation "Signum Magnum"


General Provisions

§ 1

First Foundation "Signum Magnum", hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation", established by a notarial act of 14 February 1991 Repertory A 471/91 at the State Office of Notarial in Rybnik


1) Joseph Puszkiewicza, no. in Rybnik, ul. Gen. Haller, 19,

2) Joanna Sznurawa, no. in Katowice, ul. Silesia, 18/2,

3) Margaret Sojka, no. in Katowice, ul. 87 village administrators,

4) Margaret Mika, no. in Rybnik, ul. Wodzisławska 9,

works under the Act of 6 April 1984 on Foundations (Dz.U. of 1991 No. 46, item. 203, as amended) and the present Statute.

Second The Foundation can act as a non-profit organization under the provisions of the Act of 24 April 2003 on public benefit activity and voluntary service (OJ No 96, pos. 873), subject to the terms and conditions of that Act.

§ 2

First The Foundation is the city of Rybnik.

Second Its area of ​​operation is the Republic of Poland and other countries in the area.

Third Implementation of tasks of the Foundation may be conducted in cooperation with other actors and the possibility of connecting to others.

§ 3

First The Foundation shall have legal personality under the registration of the Foundation in the District Court for the City of Warsaw for 1664 and subsequent entry into the register of foundations run by the National Court Register.

Second Foundation is supervised by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy.

The Foundation’s assets

§ 4

First The Foundation’s assets was the founding capital in the amount of 15 million zł.

Second The revenues of the foundation are:

1) donations, legacies, and bequests,

2) funds from interest on deposits in bank accounts, economic gains, income from property and property rights, grants, subsidies provided by the institutions, public collections and other sources.

§ 5

For the obligations undertaken by the Foundation is all its assets.

§ 6

First Notarial contract and statements of intent on behalf of the Foundation, the power of attorney, which involve financial commitments or changes in fixed assets of the Foundation require the approval of a resolution of the Board of Trustees in writing.

Second Disposal of fixed assets of the Foundation, may be effected only with the consent of the Board of Trustees.

Third Statements of intent on behalf of the Foundation for the ordinary management may consist of the President or two Board members.

§ 6a

First The Foundation can not grant loans or guarantee obligations of the Foundation’s assets to members of the Board, members of the Foundation, the Founder, the Foundation’s staff and people with whom they are married or in cohabitation relative by blood or affinity in a straight line relationship or affinity in the collateral line to the second degree, or are related by adoption, guardianship or custody, hereinafter referred to as "related persons".

Second The Foundation may not transfer the assets of the Foundation for the Foundation Board members, members of the Foundation, Foundation staff and their relatives in a manner other than in relation to third parties, in particular if the transfer is free of charge or on preferential terms.

Third We can not use the assets of the Foundation for the members of the Board, members of the Foundation, Foundation staff and their relatives in a manner other than in relation to third parties, unless it results directly from the use of the statutory purpose of the Foundation.

4th We can not make the purchase of goods or services from entities in which members of the Board, members of the Foundation, Foundation staff and their relatives in a manner other than in relation to third parties or at prices higher than market.

§ 7

In the event of liquidation of the Foundation’s remaining assets will be transferred to the constant movement of diakonia Crusade of Mary Immaculate, Queen of the Polish, and in case of impossibility of its acquisition by diakonia constant, the decision to acquire the assets will take Provincials of the Order of Friars Minor in Poland and dedicate it to help poor children.

The objectives, principles and activities of the Foundation

§ 8

The primary objective of the Foundation is the charitable and educational activities for children affected and threatened by phenomena of social pathology and provide them with conditions for the harmonious development of personality.

§ 9

First Foundation protects and promotes the use of children from conception, and regardless of their national, racial and religious discrimination.

Second This includes all spheres of life, whether material, mental, and spiritual.

Third Ideological principles of business conducted by the Foundation sets the Catholic Church’s social doctrine.

§ 10

First The Foundation takes action of a prophylactic against the phenomena of social pathology, and above all:

1) is rife among children existing Catholic movement Crusade for Children of Mary Immaculate, whose main goal is ustrzeżenie them from alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking and other addictions, and immodesty.

2) keeps HQ Immaculate Crusade for Children movement, which promotes the idea of ​​Crusade in environments of adults, especially parents, educators, priests, nuns. The promotion is done by: the mass media, conferences, pilgrimages, exchange rate, retreats, and above all, by issuing letters for children, "Ray of Dawn" and "Promyczek Dawn" and writing for adults, "Victory of the Immaculate" and other materials formation.

Second The Foundation acts as a diagnostic for a particular family is organizing clinics, aimed at the proper diagnosis of the child’s needs and living environment.

Third The Foundation shall take compensatory measures, among which the most important are:

1) organizing and conducting charitable centers - education, whose mission is to provide financial assistance, psychological and spiritual children of families affected by social pathology,

2) organizing professional training schools with children internatami a / environments

3) the creation of treatment centers for children with addictions of alcoholism, drug addiction, nicotine addiction.

4) Foundation in its activities, especially in medical centers, will take into account the natural methods of treatment.

§ 10a

4th The Foundation may carry, in accordance with applicable regulations in this regard, a paid public benefit in terms of:

a) book publishing (PKD 58.11.Z)

b) Publishing of journals and periodicals (PKD 58.14.Z) c) Other publishing activities (PKD 58.19.Z) d) other care activities (PKD 87.90.Z)

5th The Foundation may carry, in accordance with applicable regulations in this regard, unpaid charitable activities in the field:

a) other care activities (PKD 87.90.Z)

b) other social work activities without accommodation nec (PKD 88.99.Z)

§ 11

To achieve the objectives of the Foundation is formed houses of prayer and formation, inhabited by the constant traffic diakonia Crusade of Mary Immaculate, Queen of Polish.

Power Foundation

§ 12

First The bodies of the Foundation are:

a) Board of Trustees,

b) The Board of the Foundation.

Second Members of the Foundation may not be members of the Board, nor have they been married, in cohabitation, family ties, kinship or subordination.

Third Members of the Board of Trustees and Board members may not be convicted by a final judgment for an offense prosecuted by indictment or a tax offense.

4th Members of the Board of Trustees and Board members may receive for performing their functions in the body of reimbursement of reasonable costs or compensation in an amount not exceeding the average monthly salary in enterprise sector announced by the President of the CSO for the previous year.

§ 13

First Hereinafter called the Board Foundation Board, composed of 3 to 5 people, including treasurer.

Second The work of the Board by the President. President from among members of the Board, shall appoint vice-presidents and treasurer.

Third Board passes resolutions by simple majority, but the validity of the resolutions must be present, at least half of its members, including the President or Vice President of the Board.

4th The President or two Board members acting together are authorized to represent the Foundation on the outside and to the declarations of will on all matters, including property, contracts and grant powers of attorney, except as described in § 6, Section 1 and 2 of the Statute.

§ 14

The powers of the Board shall be:

1) manage the ongoing activities of the Foundation in accordance with its purpose, the statute and generally applicable laws,

2) management of the Foundation’s assets,

3) acquisition of additional assets,

4) represent the Foundation on the outside and submitting to the Foundation’s proposal to amend the statute.

§ 14a

First The Foundation Board is a body with powers of initiative and control.

Second The Board of Trustees shall consist of persons appointed by Council members through co-optation. The Council consists of 3 to 7 people.

Third The first Council shall consist of persons appointed by the Founders in no more than 3 people.

§ 14b

To the Board of Trustees include:

a) oversee the implementation of the main directions of the Foundation,

b) the existence of initiatives for the Foundation,

c) issuing opinions on the annual and long-term programs of the Foundation,

d) appointment and dismissal of members of the Board,

e) to give opinions on matters submitted to it by the Board and approving or rejecting proposals, possibly bringing the amendments,

f) adopting regulations for the Board,

g) establish the internal organization of the Foundation,

h) consider and approve reports of the Board and granting him a discharge,

i) approve the annual budget estimates of the Board and the office of the Foundation,

j) to decide to merge with another foundation,

k) adopt the rules of work of the Foundation.

§ 14c

Board of Trustees at its first meeting elects the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary.

§ 14d

First To participate in the meetings of the Board of Trustees may be invited individuals and representatives of organizations whose activities are consistent with the objectives of the Foundation.

Second The share of persons listed in item 1 in the meetings of an advisory nature.

Other activities of the Foundation

§ 15

First The Foundation may carry on other activities of a publishing, education, training, sales and service, as well as activities on the environment and ecology.

Second The Foundation may establish other businesses and be their member on the basis of applicable law.

§ 16

Economic activity - is led financial and accounting will follow the rules of law.

§ 17

Income derived from business activities will be used solely for purposes of the Foundation.

The liquidation of the Foundation

§ 18

First The liquidation of the Foundation may be made in case of exhaustion of resources and assets of the Foundation.

Second Liquidation of the Foundation Board notes that while the Foundation shall appoint a liquidator.

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