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"Ray of Dawn"

Thursday 8 March 2012

"Ray of Dawn" is a monthly magazine for children of primary school. Each "a ray" has a section for kids with attached cardboard insert, to cut and assemblies. This is a journal for each child. Perfectly suited as an aid for parents and educators in shaping the aesthetics and to nurture the right attitudes of modern man, free from negative patterns imposed by modern media, funded by the suspect corporations.

Price of one copy of the 2012 is 4.00 zł.

Sending 1 copy "Promyka" ordered in the editorial is 1.50 zł. Shipping cost from 2 to 5 copies is 1 gold. More than 5 copies editors cover the cost of shipping. So if someone wants to order a copy of "Promyka" for the whole year, then the charge is calculated as follows: 4,00 zł x 10 issues = 40 zł & 15 zł for shipping, which gives 55 gold. With two copies for the whole year: 2 copies of x = 4.00 zł 8.00 zł x 10 issues = 80 zł + 10 zł for shipping, which gives 90 gold. Within a year, is published 10 issues of "Promyka" because the number of June / July are combined and August / September.

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