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Thursday 8 March 2012

Legions of Mary made by those who choose the easy path of spiritual development by entrusting his life completely immaculate. This road carries out many of the saints. Especially to Saint Justin. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe and Blessed. John Paul II. Blessed John Paul II in his coat of arms of the bishop and the Pope used the exclamation: Totus Tuus. On the call of "All your" used for sacred Louis Grignion, which in the Treaty on a great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary convinces his readers that a complete devotion to Mary is the only and true way to God. Through Mary God chose to come to earth and bestow grace and humanity through Mary also gives all the grace of God to everyone.

The way of total surrender to the Immaculata, and through her, to know Jesus Christ and follow Him, is a simple and beautiful way to holiness. It is a way understandable to the child, even the smallest, which are just beginning to use reason. It is the way we understand the adults, the sick, the suffering. Immaculate revealing in many parts of the world confirmed this way.

Three shepherd children in Fatima: Francis, Lucy and Jacinta, Mary pointed to his heart, as a shelter. Also showed how the evangelical world to save sinners from destruction, which is the prayer and sacrifice.

Legions of Mary are groups and individuals. Legions of Mary there, and created among children, adolescents and adults.

Hosts Children of Mary, who fulfill their commitment to daily prayer, sacrifice, temperance and modesty, are under different names. This is called the Pediatric Crusade of Mary Immaculate, Promykami Dawn, etc. More on http://www.duszpasterstwotrzezwosci.pl and on the http://www.kwc.oaza.pl/ . The websites listed here are downloadable in order to establish and maintain groups of children.

Legions of Mary’s youth may be formed on the basis of the materials for children and adults. The most important thing is the realization of four values: prayer, sacrifice, temperance and modesty. Legions of Mary among adults are also called Crusade of Mary Immaculate. Crusade of Mary Immaculate is the movement of a prayer, and trzeźwościowym wynagradzającym. The essence of belonging to the Crusades is the realization in the daily life of the program based on four core values: * pray the Rosary, * sacrifice * abstinence * modesty. This movement is a response to the call of Our Lady of Fatima. She had asked to pray the rosary and taking casualties in the conversion of sinners, to make amends for the offense to God and for everything that offends her Immaculate Heart. Crusade of Mary Immaculate also responds to the message of Divine Mercy written by St. Faustina Kowalska in the "Diary". Pope John Paul II said a significant sentence on the Fatima message: "The call contained in the message of Our Lady of Fatima is so deeply rooted in the Gospel and the whole of Tradition that the Church feels that the message it imposes a duty to listen to him." In the message of Our Lady of Fatima is a lot of the content of the Bible and the prophets. She appears in Fatima as Queen of prophets in times of great trials, trials and struggles, trying to be close to their children, which is a "fiery dragon" wants to destroy it, saying the deadly fight. Mary gives the appropriate measures so that everyone in her care could gain the victory over Satan. It is a call to enumerate the most important message of Fatima, which are important for the formation and spirituality of the Crusade of Mary Immaculate: * a call to faith and hope, to love and adoration of God, * to pray every day - especially the Rosary, * to sacrifice, to forgive, to participation in the Eucharist, * for intimacy with the Blessed Trinity, * to the devotion of the Immaculate Heart of Mary., * to the apostolate, to meditate on eternal life, * to cease offending God, the sanctification of the family *, * to live in full devotion to God. In the Message of Fatima, you can explore more of the calls the Mother of God directed to humanity. The Crusade of Mary Immaculate also important is the call of the Immaculate Conception, said earlier on in the village of Warmia Gietrzwald, in 1877. There appeared to Our Lady of the clone about 160 times. By order of the Ks. Thirteen Pastor Justin asked: "Who are you?". Our Lady responded in Polish: "I am the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception." Appearing there, Mother of God comforted the Polish people, oppressed and victimized in captivity invaders. During zjawień Mary had demanded the daily recitation of the rosary and to practice charity, and penance for sins and omissions of drunkenness. Mary during the apparition subjected the grace of all stop drinking alcohol. She gave to understand that drunkenness is a sin that offends God, and man makes the closed to the grace. The Crusade of Mary Immaculate emphasizes the cult of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Immaculate Virgin at Fatima said: "My Immaculate Heart will be the way, and shelter." In short, it must be said that the "path" refers to pursue a proper direction for the love of God, to follow the Heart of Jesus, which is love and charity, "shelter" refers to our state of mind that when you give to Mary Immaculate, has experienced a deep peace in spite of external or internal trials and temptations. Complement, or even the essence of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is the understanding and practice of the Five First Saturdays of the Month, which must be treated as an exercise in learning the Immaculate - her mission and size, and love for us to consciously devote themselves to her as a tool in her work on earth. In 1925, Our Lady with the Infant Jesus appeared to St. Lucia in the convent. Dorothy in Pontevedra, Spain. She came to repeat his request and a promise uttered in Fatima. This devotion consists in the fact that for five months on the first Saturday in sanctifying grace to receive Holy Communion. reparation, refused the Rosary and meditate for 15 minutes, all the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, all done in reparation. The service includes five consecutive Saturdays, for five kinds of insults and abuse are experiencing the Immaculate Heart of Mary: * blasphemies against the Immaculate Conception, * blasphemy against the eternal virginity of Mary, * blasphemy against her divine motherhood and not recognizing her as the Mother of mankind, * deeds of those who try to instill in the hearts of children indifference, contempt and even hatred for the Immaculate Mother, * deeds of those who insult the Mother of God in her sacred images of these images and do not respect. Sister Lucia points out that service can not connect to the presentation of a personal petitions to Our Lady. Our prayer is to be selfless reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the hurt I make her people

Prayer of the members of the Crusade of Mary Immaculate: The Immaculate Conception, the Virgin Mother of the Son of God and Mother of all people, to comfort your Immaculate Heart, and reward the insult and blasphemy, have suffered from the ungrateful people, I decree: * refuse daily at least one decade of the Rosary, * make a sacrifice every day for sinners. I wish, if possible, on every first Saturday of the month to take part in the Mass, to join the Holy Communion to refuse one of the rewards of the Rosary and meditate for fifteen minutes on the mysteries różańcowymi. Most Holy Mother, I will do everything that you were more known, loved and glorified by all people, especially by children and young people, and make your images and sculptures have been worthily honored throughout the earth. Pogromicielko mighty Satan, speak with your help combat any evil. By taking part in the Crusade of Mary Immaculate want to make amends for the offense against God and contribute to the rejection of the sinful practices in families and society. Mother of God, Lady Victorious, I give to you, you served with me as your tool. Let there be the Kingdom of Your Son on earth - the Kingdom of justice and love. Let the desired peace will come in the hearts of the people and the world. Amen. Order join the Crusade of Mary Immaculate / registration form / joining the Crusade of Mary Immaculate decree: * refuse daily at least one decade of the rosary, * make a daily sacrifice for sinners. If possible, I want the first Saturday of the month to take part in the Mass., Receive Holy Communion., Refuse rosary wynagradzający for fifteen minutes and contemplate the mysteries of the Rosary. Contribute to the rejection of the sinful practices in families and society, and especially drunkenness, drug addiction, promiscuity and social injustice. Furthermore, I decree: 1 Do not drink alcohol (by period) ..................... Second Bring in your house of prayer. Third Pray also .............. (Daily, 1 x per month, for example, one part of the rosary, chaplet to the Divine Mercy). 4th ............ (Other). The notification, which we send to the Secretariat of the Crusade of Mary Immaculate, enter additional provision (1-4). The signed decision is left to itself, and we renew them each year. If a person resigns from membership of the Crusades, it shall notify the Secretariat.

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    thank you. I was praying this mnnriog about what this means for me to write all this out .there are so many more thin places as I have walked through the consequences of my actions due to a broken lens, so to speak .and God keeps showing up .thank you again, for your story and how it encourages others to tell theirs .

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