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Thursday 8 March 2012

To know us more closely, we reach to the history of the Foundation. In our endeavors have been the highs, but also encountered the clerical malice. It is recorded in this section in points. However, this does not give a comprehensive picture of all the trials, because the foundation is the organization, it is primarily men who have a mission and dedicated to her with all my heart. The origins of the Foundation "Signum Magnum" began in 1979, but in the form of organization is it recorded in 1991 with headquarters in Rybnik
- 7 December 1979 created the Community of the Helpers of Mary Immaculate in Katowice - Panewnikach
- In July 1980, created Children’s Crusade of Mary Immaculate and the idea of ​​issuing "Promyka Dawn" and "Victory of the Immaculate"
- At the end of 1980 the first issue of "Victory of the Immaculate"
- In December 1981, at the beginning of martial law, the first issue of "Promyka Dawn"
- From 1983 to 1990, the pilgrims come to the Children’s Crusade of Mary Immaculate Jasna Gora, conventions and entertainment Children’s Crusade retreat
- 1986 wymodlony work receives a gift - a farm in Brenna Foresters for the purpose of retreat and rest.
- In October 1987, begins renovation of an old organistówki in Rybnik to the needs of
- Because of the anniversary of the apparitions in 1987 produced the name of ’Signum Magnum, "which had so far been conducted and will continue
- In the spring of 1988, it opens a commons environment for children from large families and have different problems
- In April 1992 the first issue of "Promyka Dawn" with a circulation of 50,000, the automatic thermoforming machines
- In 1993, the building is taking place for 50 years, at. Manor 12 in Rybnik, on the basis of a free lending agreement with the City
- In 1995, the dormitory is open for children in the building at. Manor 12 in Rybnik
- In April 1998 the first issue of "Promyczka Dawn" for children, and the quarterly "Victory of the Immaculate" for adults
- In autumn 1998, shall be opened "Manor Children" - Children’s Home in a family atmosphere for about 12 - 16 children
- In the spring of 2002, Adam Fudali - President of Rybnik began destroying the action of the Foundation funds nieprawnymi, using the staff of officials. It was a quick acquisition of the buildings at. Manor 12 in violation of the agreement concluded with the Foundation.

- On Christmas Eve 2004, Adam Fudala, after obtaining the consent of the City Council - wrongfully terminated the contract free lending. Foundation in this situation, so as not to hit children, decide on the liquidation of the "Manor House Children" and is for all foster families.
- In May 2006, as a result of the Polish Post Office worker being caught in Rybnik in dealings not to produce items from the court, the court, breaking many rules of procedure, the Foundation provides a judgment of eviction "Signum Magnum" of the building at. Manor 12 in Rybnik, although the agreement is disclosed in the land register. As a result of loud protest Puszkiewicza Fr Oskar, who caught the chain to the gate of the District Court in Rybnik and brought before the Court, the judgment shall be suspended until the complaint.
- From June 2006 to 30 July 2007, permanent hearing in the District Court to request the Office of City Hall for the eviction of the Foundation. Enemies of the Foundation entered again in agreement with a person of Polish Post, and this time, each letter of the Courts in determining the stage of court proceedings returned with the note "The Foundation does not exist". The Foundation learned of this manipulation in a timely responded and consequently was released on 30 July 2007 judgment favorable to the Foundation.
- From July 2007 to July 2011, the Foundation refutes a number of attacks by the Office of City Hall, which retries the acquisition of buildings, at. Manor 12th Simultaneously, the Foundation continually leads to the street. Manor 12 charitable and educational activities, primarily through the point of consulting - advisory, which provides educational and legal assistance, and the seizure of a świetlicowym.
- In July 2011, the Foundation is forced to leave the building at ul. Manor 12, although the contract was concluded with the City for 50 years and has revealed it in the land register, and one of the buildings, the Foundation has built from scratch. As a result made by the City Foundation’s lawsuit against the eviction, it is ordered. Foundation, although the estimated effect of the ground as unjust, surrendered and left the building. Submitted a request for an appeal to the Supreme Court judgment.

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